It’s been 12 years since the millennium’s start, yet it feels like it happened yesterday. How we got to 2012 does not matter as much as how we go into the future.

The path to where we are going looks much clearer. We see an economy that is breathing (slightly) again. We see a new mayor with vision and common sense. And we see mill project opportunities that will grow the complex, and thus grow the local economy.

With this optimism, our New Year’s resolution is twofold:

1. Work harder to advance the quality re-development of the complex.

2. Remind ourselves that we are the stewards of the legacy of this mill complex. The traditions, and facility preservation of this complex needs to be maintained. It is our task to see that the Pepperell Mill Campus returns to the prosperity that it once enjoyed.

From the staff of the PMC, have a great year!