Art Innovation at its best : The Public Works Department

This public works department doesn’t plow snow, lean on shovels or perform any of the hundreds of tasks related to the maintenance of an entire city. The Public Works Department (PWD) is a private organization located at the mill, with an entirely different mission. Their mission states: “Our goal is to provide an ever broadening  canvas where artists can create and experiment, while in collaboration with brands, curators and juicy assignments.”

Proudly states Bill Fickett with enthusiasm, “We supply the artist with the sandbox to play, as well as create the venue (and art medium) for the artist to sell their art and gain recognition.” Fickett is the brainchild and lead partner of the Public Works Department.

The Public Works Department’s most recent public art venue is created through collaboration with the National Basketball Association. By creating a basketball themed backdrop, associated artists have built incredible works. The genre has caught the attention of modern art collectors, and several museums. They have been extremely successful at selling the many works to art collectors, and private buyers. Portions of the sale are trickling back to the source of the inspiration: to the street artist and graffiti artist who started it all.

The PWD occupies approximately 7500 square feet at the mill, for gallery display, studio and production areas, office and storage.  A visit to their gallery space is like a visit to a modern art museum. For more information log onto to the website

We are proud to provide space for Bill. The Public Works Department pursuits fall directly in line with the mission and vision of the Pepperell Mill Campus.