Preserving Good Taste: Rabelais Books

Don Lindgren and Samantha Hoyt Lindgren, co-owners of Rabelais bookstore in Portland, would like nothing more than to take a page from one of their own cook books. Serving a tight niche in the world’s food scene, Rabelais plays host to thousands of rare books on food and wine, periodic author signings, art exhibitions, and other events.
Because of the growing popularity in antique books, coupled with the desire to expand, the Lindgrens have recently chosen the North Dam Mill for their new business location.
“We didn’t really want to leave Maine,” said Samantha Hoyt Lindgren. “We like Maine too much to do that. We looked at a number of other spaces in Portland, but couldn’t find the combination of size and resources that we needed.”
The new Rabelais location will allow it to expand as it needs to, making room for additional kitchen space to test recipes from their vast collection of books. “We need more ability to be able to sit down with our books and spend more time to cook out of them,” states Don Lindgren
The Pepperell Mill Campus welcomes Rabelais into their new location. They are a mindful example of the kind of quality economy that the mill redevelopment is growing. The web site for Rabelais Books is

Bon Appetit !