Rooftop Ducklings are Born, Cute Photos Ensued

It’s happened! The 10 duckling eggs we’ve been waiting to hatch finally came out of their shells this morning. We were there to witness it all!

Unfortunately, the Maine Warden Service was not immediately available to handle the situation when we called. The ducklings were safe in our makeshift fence enclosure, but the mother duck became stressed when she was able to exit the enclosure and she was unable to lead her ducklings to water. Luckily, mill owners Lauren Cullity-Sanford and Doug Sanford have many years of farm experience, and Lauren knew how to handle the situation. Lauren got a bucket, put on some gloves, and was able to capture the ducklings and lead the mother duck and ducklings to the Saco River. Doug met us as we were making our way towards the river, and he was the one to actually release them into the river. We captured it all on video and in photos, so check them out below!