Booting & Towing Information

If booted, please call 207-282-5577. Boot removal fee is $40.00. Cash only. Payment must be received before the boot is removed. If booted during a posted Pepperell Mill Campus parking ban, the boot removal fee is increased to $100.00.

If towed, please call Albert’s Garage INC at (207)-282-5811. They are our authorized towing company and will take care of the fee collection and return of your vehicle.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required in lots A & C. Parking permits are available for purchase to the general public. Please contact for more information.

Parking Policy

All residential tenants have access to parking in lots B, C, & D. All lots are first come first serve. Residential & commercial tenants of the Pepperell Mill Campus must have vehicles registered with management.  All vehicles must be moved when a parking ban is posted. The cars with access to reserved parking must be registered with management and display a permit at all times.

The Pepperell Mill Campus reserves the right to sticker, boot, immobilize, or tow any car on our property and within the mill complex that is: not parked in a designated parking space; parked improperly; parked in a handicapped space without proper credentials; parked over the time limit of a posted sign; blocking the entrance to a building, driveway, trash receptacle; parked in a fire lane; parked in a no parking zone; parked during a posted parking ban; or vehicles that are not in acceptable condition (i.e. not registered, inoperable).


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