Mill Footage Set to Air on the History Channel this Friday

This past summer the Maine-based Lone Wolf Documentary Group spent time at the Pepperell Mill Campus shooting footage for an upcoming documentary on the JFK assassination. The documentary is complete and is set to air on the History Channel this Friday, November 22nd at 8:00pm.

The documentary is entitled JFK Assassination the Definitive Guide.  In an effort to better understand US citizen’s beliefs about the assassination the largest ever nationwide survey on the assassination was completed. The documentary combines American’s true feelings about the assassination with insight from leading experts.

Lone Wolf used areas around the Campus to recreate several scenes. A window was used to recreate the window in the Texas School Book Depository, the Eastland Management office was used to recreate a hospital, and the parking lot off of Building 10 was used for a shot featuring the infamous grassy knoll. Tune in this Friday and see if you can recognize any shots from around the Campus.