North Dam Mill Event Space Closes

After over two years of hosting weddings, corporate functions, theatrical performance, and various other events, the Event Space in the North Dam Mill is going on hiatus. The success of the Event Space reached a crescendo this summer when the space was booked solid with weddings and other events. Event Space coordinator Shane Ward did a wonderful job growing and managing the space throughout its two year run.

Ultimately the Event Space became a victim of its own success. With larger events being booked more frequently the space become onerous on the North Dam complex and its tenants. While Shane and his staff made great efforts to minimize the impact of the event,s the size of the space coupled with the frequency of the events were too much to overcome.

The Event Space will welcome its first long term tenant when the Heartwood College of Art moves into an 800 square foot portion on January 1st. Eastland Management is in talks with several other smaller tenants that will hopefully lease other portions of the space.

While the event space is on an indefinite hiatus we do feel there is a market for a large-scale function space in downtown Biddeford. With the continued development of the Pepperell Center, a large-scale function space may reemerge in a location that is more suitable for larger gatherings.