Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Tenant – Brainstorm is Cutting Edge

Paula Lundgren, left, and Kristi Greene, right, of
Brainstorm Creative Business Services.

Within the North Dam Mill is a lively, trend-setting company called Brainstorm Creative Business Services. The owner, Paula Lundgren, recently moved Brainstorm from her home office to North Dam Mill’s business suites in Building 17. Not only a skilled bookkeeper, she is very tech savvy and a highly creative and technically-adept web and graphic designer. Therefore, moving into the Mill was a no-brainer. The mix of talents here – artists, woodworkers, attorneys, violin makers, manufacturers – is the perfect business complement to what Paula offers at Brainstorm: bookkeeping and payroll services, website development and graphic design, office administration, event planning and virtual assistance.

In addition to moving into her new office, Paula recently hired Kristi Greene to assist her in providing Brainstorm’s clients with outstanding service. Together, they make the perfect team. Both women are extremely enthusiastic and genuinely nice. This camaraderie has been beneficial to serving a diverse spectrum of clients in the fields of real estate, medical, retail, clothing, restaurant, engineering, health and fitness, and her favorite – art.

“We always encourage our neighbors [within the mill] to stop by and have some coffee, just chit-chat.” said Kristi. This exemplifies Brainstorm’s relaxed yet professional attitude. Both of their personalities are warm and inviting, yet they are also business smart by building connections.

Brainstorm’s personality is also reflected by their office space. Arguably one of the most well designed and thought-out offices in the North Dam Mill, it is modern and stylish, yet functional and inviting to clients. One of the most notable features is the “Brainstorm Green” stripe on the walls.

“Paula has an eye for design.” said Kristi, “And we both like to be cutting edge.” This is a testament to how their modern office space is also a reflection of the work that they do for their clients.

Be sure to stop by Brainstorm’s office for any of your business’s needs – or, just to have a cup of coffee.

Meet Paula and Kristi at their open house

Brainstorm will be hosting an open house during the ArtWak on Friday, September 28, from 5-8pm.
Join them for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and some other surprises!