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We have a variety of options for space for your business, whether it’s small or large. Our suites range in size from a few hundred square feet, to a few thousand square feet. Already built-out space that’s ready for move-in might not always be available, but we’ll post availabilities below. If you’re interested in space, contact us and we might be able to find a place for you that fits your needs.

Price Estimates (when available)
200-500 square feet: $300-$550
500-800 square feet: $450-$950
800-1,200 square feet: $750-$1,350

customize-img    Customizable build-to-suit space   

We have plenty of prime open mill space for your business that’s customizable to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a few hundred square feet or a few thousand square feet, we’ve got it. Our in-house construction team allows us to offer you build-to-suit space at a price that can’t be beat.  If you’re interested in space, contact us and we can talk about your options.

Price Estimates:
Built-to-suit space ranges from $8 to $10 per square foot for white envelope space.


The Campus has a number of amenities as well as services provided by our in-house management team.

• Zero-sort recycling
• Snow removal
• No common area cleaning charges
• Shared conference room
• Multiple loading docks
• Multiple freight & high-capacity elevators
• Pet area & pet friendly buildings
• Walking trails & nearby parks
• Outdoor picnic tables
• Notarizing documents
• Tech support
• Campus security
• Faxing & copying


• Industry Leading Data Connectivity 
• 3 Phase Power
• Low Cost Natural gas
• Public IP addresses available
• VoIP available
• All buildings fully sprinkled
• Ability to add floor drains
• River Water Rights


The mills still produced textiles up until 2009, therefore the mill’s previous owner kept it up with pride and kept the buildings in great shape. They made upgrades where needed and the mills have been standing here for almost two centuries. The bones of the buildings are in excellent condition, and our developed areas are of high finish and include modern design incorporated with classic mill architecture. We maintain many staples of classic mill architecture including:

• 12ft & 18ft ceilings
• Exposed beams
• Exposed columns
• Exposed or painted brick
• Large windows with fantastic natural lighting
• Refurbished hardwood floors
• Some buildings have river & waterfall views

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How can our space work for your type of business?

Arts and creativity are experiencing a growing presence in Biddeford and fantastic open space is available for these users. These spaces include finished floors, large windows with ample natural lighting and high ceilings with exposed beams. The spaces come as ‘template’ space ready for customization. This space is great for artisans, painters, photographers and any other fine arts professionals.

Offices in the mills offer a classic mill feel in the work place while maintaining the latest technological capabilities needed for today’s businesses. All designated office space in the Pepperell Mill Campus is ‘flex space’ – open interior space that can be cost effectively built out to any office form. The spaces are adjustable, and all spaces can be built to suit for below-market rates.

Some model users can include:

Small office tenants clustered in areas with common amenities in the executive-suite style.
Offices with large open space needs, such as data processing, call centers, or financial service centers.
Data centers, and high-technology users.
Legal and business office center.
Biotech users and other lab-office combination space.

High-quality space for light industrial and manufacturing operations is available at the Pepperell Mill Campus. Inside the community of existing users, there is a strong bond between the local craftsmen, with a large amount of outsourcing occurring within the buildings. Space is available finished or unfinished and buildouts are available upon request.

With growing foot traffic the Campus is becoming more of a viable retail option. Users that can use their space as a production area and retail space are most likely to succeed.

Interested in space? Contact us here:

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