We found a duck, with eggs, on our roof…

IMG_8020We’re having duckling babies!

At the beginning of May, we were very surprised to find a nest on our roof with a mother Mallard duck and 10 eggs (The photo above was taken when she only had 8 eggs, but she laid 2 more).

You might be thinking, “why would a mother duck lay eggs on a roof when the ducklings can’t fly?” We’re wondering the same thing, and we’re willing to bet this is a first-time mother duck. We’re very worried that momma duck is going to lead to ducklings to the river and they’re going to fall off the roof, so we’ve contacted the Maine Warden Service for their help.

We’ve placed a fence around the nest so that the ducklings can’t walk away when they hatch but the mother can still fly out and get food. The day they hatch, the Game Warden will lead them safely to water.

We’re expecting the ducklings to hatch at the beginning of June, so stay tuned for updates!