The Data Reliable Zone at the Pepperell Mill Campus

AS SEEN IN: Pepperell Pulse 11/15/13

Reliable data and internet service has become critical to the world. Ask yourself how you would get along in this world if you were deprived of your smart phone as well as your internet connection today. The minimum response to this question might be: “this is highly inconvenient”. If your business relies heavily on the internet for all aspects of operation, the answer would probably be: “we could not survive without it”. The internet world that we have created now controls the primary highway of all of our communications and functioning. It is a reality that will continue to grow. The internet is very powerful and we are now married to it forever.

What is reliable and fast internet? Simply defined, it involves redundant electricity, reliable cooling, redundant fiber optic data connections, data backup capability and security. A facility with these ingredients will attract users with large data requirements. A data center can be developed, as well as colocation centers. There are only a few locations in this region that can offer such data reliability.

We are pleased to introduce to the market place the Pepperell Mill Campus’s “Data Reliable Zone”. Click here to read our Data Center Offering package. Construction planning for this project is in progress today.

The world of data reliability has become a necessity. This trend will only continue.